Tonight on Fox TV: Time Travelers and Bet on the Fixed Black Sox World Series

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If you had the ability to travel back in time to any era, how could you make money from that skill?

You could back a few decades and buy cheap shares in a stock that you knew was going to surge in the future, such as Apple or Microsoft.

Or you could go back to 1950s Las Vegas and buy up vacant plots of land along what will become the famed Las Vegas Strip, site of billion-dollar hotel-casinos.

Perhaps the simplest way would be sports betting.

Back to Vegas again but this time just back to early 2016, where you could walk into a casino sportsbook and put down a hefty bet on the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series in six months.

A twist on that third idea is the plot of tonight's episode of "Making History," the new half-hour comedy on Fox television about time travel.

In Sunday night's episode, titled "The Touchables" and airing at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the show's characters go back in time to Chicago in 1919, the year of the infamous "Chicago Black Sox Scandal," when the Chicago White Sox threw the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds in return for payoffs from gamblers, and try to bet big bucks on the fixed Series.

Along they way the scheme runs into complications and the time travelers run into Al Capone.

Here's the official press release from Fox about the episode: "In need of some quick cash for Deb to purchase an ice cream parlor, the trio decides to make some money rather than save the world. But after Chris devises a strategy to cash in on the fixed 1919 Chicago World Series baseball game, their get-rich-quick scheme is derailed when they run into the infamous mobster Al Capone in the all-new "The Touchables" episode of MAKING HISTORY airing Sunday, April 2 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX."

The cast is listed as Adam Pally as Dan, Leighton Meester as Deborah, Yassir Lester as Chris, John Gemberling as John Hancock, Neil Casey as Sam Adams, Tim Robinson as Al "Scarface" Capone, Stephanie Escajeda as Mae Capone, Ace Gibson as Troy, Richard Tanner as Bookie, Alexander Matthew Aguila as Bartender and Aidan McGraw as Newsie.

By Tom Somach

Gambling 911 Staff Writer

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