NCAAB Final Four: Pay Per Head Agents be Ready for These Teams

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The NCAAB Final Four Semifinal Games are this Saturday, April 1. The Final Four Championship is this Monday, April 3.

Check out info on all four teams that online bookie agents can use to manage action.

North Carolina +140

North Carolina is the favorite in most sportsbooks throughout the world. The Tar Heels lost in last year’s Final Four National Championship Game via a last second shot by Villanova’s Kris Jenkins.

North Carolina’s resume is impressive. But, per head agents shouldn’t be surprised if the Heels get no love from their pro players.

The odds are much too low on North Carolina to win the title. Casual players might bite. Pro players won’t.

Gonzaga +180

The odds are also low on Gonzaga to win the championship. Truth be told, Gonzaga has played only one great game during the entire NCAA Tournament.

They beat Xavier 83 to 59 in the Elite Eight. Does that mean that Gonzaga is back on track? It’s doubtful.

It’s tough seeing Gonzaga attracting action from any pro players. If a pro player takes low odds, he or she is going to take the low odds on North Carolina.

Oregon +550

Oregon’s absolute destruction of Kansas, the Ducks beat the Jayhawks 74 to 60, could be a sign to pro players that Oregon is the team to back.

The Ducks offer value because they should only be +350 dogs not +550 dogs. Kansas was the best team left in the NCAA Tournament and Oregon blitzed them.

Oregon should attract a lot of action. Agents should beware of too much action on Oregon. They should set schedule limit overrides as well as set max betting limits via the mass editing tool. 

South Carolina +750

Although the Gamecocks are the longest shot on the board, they aren’t without any shot of winning the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

South Carolina beat Marquette 93 to 73. They took down Duke 88 to 81. They destroyed Baylor 70 to 50 before beating Florida 77 to 70.

It’s important that PPH agents set max betting limits on South Carolina. At a $100 bet, the payout should South Carolina win on April 1 and April 3 is $850.

That’s a lot of money to pay out to a single tournament futures player.

Have the Right Tools

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