Affiliate Gambling: 20 Percent of Online Casino Visitors Click on Banners

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A recent report shows that 20 percent of online casino visitors will click on a banner, especially those that mention variations of the message “free bets”.

The Czech company CASEXE conducted the research in an effort to answer the question: “How do potential online casino clients behave toward banner ads”.

It found the following clickthru rates to better enhance profit for online casino affiliates and the programs they promote:

    Free bets – 70% of gamblers clicked on this ad;

    Promo and special offers– 60% of those surveyed;

    Bonuses – 59%;

    Significant Jackpot – 29%;

    Familiar name of the casino– 30%;

    Other reasons – 8%.

Other studies have shown that the average clickthrough rate of display ads across all formats and placements is 0.06% but more startling ad blocking grew by 41% globally during 2015 according to PageFair with that number likely climbing with new blocking software being implemented especially on mobile devices.

CASEXE claims its formula for success is “corporate progress in all segments, development and integration of innovational technologies and solutions in online gambling, high level of awareness about the market trends and innovations”.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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