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If you would like to own a customized online sportsbook in San Francisco, California, AcePerhead.com has the software to get this done….FREE FOR SIX WEEKS.

San Francisco is a top sports betting market with plenty of disposable income to go around. 

The Giants were in this year’s past year's MLB Playoffs, Stanford has a decent College Football team, the Warriors are just plain sick!  And the 49ers...well......great franchise but they are now experiencing a low point.  That being said, the 49ers have enough of a loyal fan base we'll be seeing plenty of folks betting on them in 2007.

So how does one run an online sportsbook from the Bay Area without incurring any fees?

AcePerHead.com is to the Pay Per Head industry what free online poker rooms are to the real play Web poker rooms.

You set up for a FREE TEST DRIVE - in this case up to 6 weeks - You like it, you keep it and start paying a small weekly fee per customer and make a nice profit in return. 

With Ace you can, in theory, run the platform for nearly the first of the NFL season without having to pay a dime.

“We make sure to offer all of the features that attract players, and by tracking usage across our vast network, we can help keep you ahead of the curve. For example, up to 75% of web traffic at Sunday kickoff is from a mobile device or tablet. We make sure our services are optimized and available on all devices, including our agent reports, and our popular VIP live betting platform.

“When you signup for a pay per head account with aceperhead.com, we assign an experienced account specialists to personally manage your account. This is the model used by banks and professional hedge funds where customer care is paramount. At many sites you are just an account number, they sign you up and don't want to hear from you again. Not with Ace.”

LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING is available.  There is never too soon a time to set up your Pay Per Head account and if you need to switch from another provider, AcePerHead.com makes the process seemless in just a few minutes time.

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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