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Jun/04/2017 offers top-of-the-line sports betting software platform for bookies and agents residing in the great state of Pennsylvania.

PA is a tale of two sports fan bases. Western Pennsylvania is Steelers and Penguins territory.  Eastern PA is Eagles, Flyers and Phillies territory.  Penn State has fans spread throughout PA in both College Football and Basketball.  Villanova in particular enjoys quite a following in Basketball. offers its Pay Per Head service as low as $5 per head using the popular DGS sports betting software.

Bookies and agents are able to choose which sports and events they want to deal.

Set credit, and betting limits online, or over the phone. Pick payouts, and rules on parlays, teasers, and horses.

From your online agent account, you will receive up to the minute reports on your players action, winnings, and losses.

They also guarantee a 99.99% up time, so you, and your players won't miss a beat!

- Don Shapiro,

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