Marketing: Bitar, Bitcoins and Legends Continue to Dominate

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Apr/15/2013 Marketing:  Bitar, Bitcoins and Legends Continue to Dominate continued to receive plenty of readership traffic April 15 for the latest news on Full Tilt Poker former head Ray Bitar, updates on last week’s Legends Sports bust in the United States and our extensive coverage on Bitcoin’s crazy rollercoaster ride.

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As is typical of a Monday evening, little sports betting-related traffic was coming into the website.  Only 7 percent of readership was for sports wagering subject matter.  This is in sharp contrast to last Monday when the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship game resulted in approximately 90 percent of all traffic. 

Around 10 percent of traffic was coming in from the social media site Monday evening, compared to around 20 percent earlier in the day.

Segments Breakdown:  (note that there is some overlapping where a reader may be visiting poker, gambling, and sports related content during a single visit):

Sports Betting – 7 percent

Sports Betting on Baseball – 4 percent

Poker – 42 percent

Poker – Ray Bitar News – 17 percent

Gambling Related (excluding sports betting and poker exclusive visits) – 51 percent

Gambling News – Bitcoin – 18 percent

Gambling News – Legends Sports Indictments – 12 percent

Poker – 42 percent

Direct Bookmarks – 10 percent

Other – 2 percent

- Payton O’Brien,

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