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It’s important for online bookie agents to know which NFL teams provided the most ATS wins last season.

Check out the teams that covered the spread at least 3 more times than they lost in 2016. There’s also info on what to expect from these teams this season.

New England Patriots 16-3

Don’t expect another 16 and 3 ATS record from the Patriots. Casual bettors are going to pounce on the Pats since they’re a 3.25 to 1 Super Bowl 52 favorite.

Per head agents should think twice about using their layoff accounts on every Patriots’ game. They could leave money on the table since NE shouldn’t touch a 16 and 3 ATS record again.

New Orleans Saints 10-5-1

The Saints should play in a ton of under games this season. Keep that in mind because New Orleans might be the hot parlay bet, against the spread to over, in 2017.

Why do the Saints figure to play in under games? The defense is much, much better this season than it was last season.

Atlanta Falcons 12-7

Atlanta shouldn’t come close to +5 on the positive ATS this season. The schedule is too difficult, the spreads are going to be too close, for the Falcons to get the job done for a 12 and 7 against the spread record.

Washington Redskins 10-6

Be careful about expecting Washington to perform at 10 and 6 ATS again. The team that plays for the District of Columbia has a new offensive coordinator.

Washington also didn’t sign their franchise QB to a long-term deal. It might be wise for pay per head agents to watch how Washington performs ATS in the first 2 to 3 weeks before using PPH tools.

Green Bay Packers 11-7-1

Green Bay could increase their against the spread record to the plus side. The Packers might, if the defense is healthy throughout the season, pull a 2016 Patriots by going 16 and 3 ATS.

That’s how well things appear to be shaping up for NFL MVP choice QB Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay.

Per head agents must pay close attention to action on the Packers. This includes every game, every week. Some sharp bettors might live off Green Bay covering spreads this NFL Season.

Dallas Cowboys 10-7

The Cowboys snuck up on teams last season. Their ATS record should be worse than 10 and 7 this season.

Oakland Raiders 10-7

Like the Cowboys, the Raiders snuck up on teams last season.

Oakland will be a good team, but they should post around a .500 ATS record in 2017.

Pittsburgh Steelers 11-8

The Steelers could be anywhere from .500 ATS to 11 and 8 ATS like they were last season. It depends a lot on how well the defense gels and whether RB Le’Veon Bell plays as well as he can.

Also, Bell could get hurt.

Pittsburgh fans love to put money behind their beloved Steelers. Before utilizing the layoff account, online bookie agents are encouraged to decide if they want action on Pitt to ride.

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