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Deciding to move your business online is not a choice anymore, it is a necessity to survive in todayís market place.

Create your Own Brand

Creating your own online brand can be a confusing journey, with so many sites going out of business every day, it is also kind of scary.

What if I told you there is an inexpensive, fast, and secure way to start your online gambling business today, that will be supportive by one of the most reputable and experienced online betting services? I bet you are interested, well here is how it works:

AcePerHead.com offers a complete white label solution for online bookies, this solution includes the creation of a website for bookies complete with their brand name, logo and preferred color scheme, the cost of the website is extremely affordable and it will be hooked up to the best online betting platform available on the market today.

Having your very own bookie website is the first step in creating your online brand, because the white label solution includes receiving and accepting bets, posting, and managing betting lines, grading games, and providing online managing tools and real-time reporting, you can dedicate yourself to promoting your business, and paying and collecting from players.

There are two ways you can set up your own website, the first one is to choose from the many pre-designed skins available, the other is to have a custom skin designed for you based on your own specs. This process may take a little longer but if you are not in love with any of the pre-existing skins then it is definitely the way to go.

The cost for a custom website is a little higher but well within range of any startup, so donít worry about going over budget.

Even though the websites for bookies are maintained and managed by Ace Pay Per Head, agents or bookies are 100% in control of their businesses and are responsible for all the decisions concerning their players.

This means you choose where to advertise, which players to accept, which ones to turn away, setting how much each player can bet per game, per sport, per day, setting up maximum win amounts per day or week, etc.

At every step, you will have the support and expertise of Ace Per Head employees, as an example, the staff is charged with conducting risk management, this means they monitor players, especially those who have a higher winning percentage. If they find any suspicious activity, they will immediately report it to the agent, who will then make the decision of what needs to be done, scenarios may include temporarily disabling the player account, so you can speak with them, closing the account, lowering their wager limits, or simply do nothing, the choice is always yours.

This is the perfect time to take the plunge and start your own online sportsbook, to celebrate the start of the high season, AcePerHead.com is offering an unprecedented 6-week free trial, that is right, you wonít have to pay anything for the service during the first6- weeks after you register.

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