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As you are probably aware if you have ever visited a sports betting site and have been looking to place a sports wager, many of the betting sites available online additionally offer side games which you can play while waiting for your game to start.
A site that focuses on European books,, lists well known sports betting websites, with the top 5 being Euro focused.  
Many of these betting sites now offer a standard set of casino orientated games such as the usual slot machines, roulette and blackjack games and video poker games, however we have just got word that one established sports betting site is launching a brand new suite of side games, on which you are not playing against the house, but against your fellow online sports bettors! Interactive casino games (other than poker) are on the forefront of entertainment as social media and gaming collide.
The sports book and betting site that is launching these brand new and potentially very exciting games is the Panda Bet site; you may or may not have heard of them before, however they are a fully licensed and fully regulated sports book that is based and licensed on the Isle of Man.
These new games are known as their range of Player versus Player games, and as mentioned unlike the standard casino type games you find at most sites you are playing heads up type games against other online sports bettors who are logged into the Panda Bet site and not against the house, which does make something of a refreshing change!
These Players versus Player games will bring a much more social type of gaming experience to you and can help alleviate any boredom that sets in while waiting for any sporting event you are betting on starting, and of course could see you winning some sizeable amounts of cash!
The games are not too expensive to play, in fact the minimum bet you can place on them is just 1.00, and so it is unlikely to break your bank! However you can of course raise the stakes if you are looking for a more high risk high reward type of heads up playing session!
The games which are about to be launched include a simple flip a coin type game where you will be picking either heads or tails in the hope the coin lands on the side you have chosen facing upwards, and also a highest card type of card game is offered where just one card is dealt out to both players with the player receiving the highest card is deemed to be the winner!

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