New York Daily News: Dan Bilzerian Losing Followers Over Tortious Antics

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A photo showing poker pro and Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian standing beside a bikini-clad woman riding a 100-year old tortious has sparked outrage, with some of his minions announcing they will no longer follow him on the social media site.

Bilzerian posted a picture of the busty babe riding the Galapagos tortious on his Instagram page after a visit to Necker Island owned by Brit tycoon Richard Branson.  Signs clearly say visitors must stay six feet away from the wildlife.

Bilzerian made the pages of the New York Daily News as a result of this controversy.

Angry followers issued the following comments:

"Not nice for the tortoise ... Aren't they endangered?? Not gonna follow anymore.”

“Some animals like horses are able to carry people but this poor tortoise is not ... though that girl seems to be weak, she should not have sit! Tortoises are not accustomed to carry people.”

“What an ignorant idiot you are! That tortoise means a lot to our country and in general to the world. Brainless turd.”

- Nagesh Rath,

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