NHL Betting: Conference Predictions + Odds

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NHL betting is one of the most popular types of wagering for online betting players.

What that means is that online bookies are likely to see their fair share of dollars bet on both daily NHL games as well as NHL future prop bets.

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See below for info on the favorites to win each NHL conference, a prediction on where the money is likely to go, as well as what per head agents can do to manage the dollars bet.

Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks              +275

St. Louis Blues                        +450

Edmonton Oilers                     +500

San Jose Sharks                      +500

Anaheim Ducks                       +800

Based on history, the money is no doubt going to flow to the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks have been a mini-dynasty in the Western Conference since 2011.

If the odds remain above +200, players are going to bet on the Blackhawks to win the West.

The second choice among players could be the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks won the Western Conference last season. They’ve kept pace with the Blackhawks in the West this season.

The Sharks have one of the most talented coaches in NHL. He gets the best out of his players.

Eastern Conference

New York Rangers                  +400

Montreal Canadiens               +425

Pittsburgh Penguins                +425

Tampa Bay Lightning             +700

Columbus Blue Jackets           +900

Pay per head agents might see close to even money go to the New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, and Pittsburgh Penguins in their books.

The reason is because all three teams have been great this season.

Online bookies could see an uptick in action on Tampa Bay, especially at +700. The Lightning won the Eastern Conference a couple of seasons ago.

They were the choice to win the East right as the season started. New York, Montreal, and Pittsburgh have been so good that the odds have changed.

What should Online Bookie Agents do?

Pay per head agents should pay attention to how much money flows to the teams highlighted above. They should change odds accordingly based on the money that goes into their bookmaking businesses.

Agents should also use the mass edit tool to set max betting limits on all of the future prop bets in both conferences.

If PPH NHL betting agents want to chat with a PayPerHead.com rep, they can do so. PayPerHead’s phone number is 888-978-0288.   

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