Toronto Maple Leafs 2008/2009 Odds - Stanley Cup Odds

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Toronto Mapleleafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been listed with +8000 odds to win the 2009 Stanley Cup championship. That's a payout of $8000 for every $100 bet (Sports Interaction was offering hockey betting plus a 10 percent deposit bonus for Canadian sports bettors).

Ron Raymond, one of the premiere hockey handicappers in the world, believes they have a legitimate shot.

"Well, if you're going to carry a four leaf clover in your pocket, might as well make it a blue one! Why not, the Leafs have a top 5 goaltender in Toskala, Thomas Kaberle is a 50 point plus defenseman and they have an experience head coach in Ron Wilson who will not pussy foot around when tough decisions have to be made."

Mr. Raymond suggests betting the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the 2009 Stanley Cup as part of a "hedging" opportunity (bet the Maple Leafs at Sports Interaction and three other teams at three different online sports books).

"Try to find 4 to 5 teams which have a medium to long shot opportunities to make the playoffs. For example; if you place $100 on a team like the Phoenix Coyotes at +7575 to win the Stanley Cup, you will have a great opportunity to "hedge" your bet if they make the playoffs.

"Here's what I mean by "hedging" your bet. Let's say you place $100 on the Phoenix Coyotes to win the Stanley Cup and that $100 pays out $7575 dollars if they win the cup. Therefore, just by Phoenix making the playoffs, you've already made money, because what you will do is start betting against the Coyotes once they start getting close on being eliminated. What I normally do is hedge my original deposit in round 1 and 2, because if you start hedging big right off the bat and the Coyotes keep winning, your net gain will be lower in the later rounds because you will be trying to recuperate your prior loses in Round 1 and 2. Normally in Round 1 and 2, I would just hedge my original deposit.

"Again, this is where your risk level will come into play, as you will have the option of passing on some games that you feel your futures ticket can win. In 2004, I made $4000 on a 44-1 bet on the Calgary Flames and was able to hedge my way for a profit."

The Colorado Avalanche, Carolina Canes and Edmonton Oilers are three other teams that Raymond recommends as part of this "hedging" opportunity.

"So, we are laying $400 on these 4 teams; which will give us $23,796.00 of hedging opportunities if they can all 4 make the playoffs. Just 1 or 2 of these teams making the playoffs will be worth the small investment."

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