Vainglory’s Spring Season Championships 2017 Underdog Picks

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The Vainglory’s Spring Season Championships for this year will be taking place at London’s O2 venue May 19 to May 21.


Odds were expected to be available at BetOnline for this event, which pits the best six teams from North America and Europe to determine which region will claim the championship.

The 2017 Spring Championship is the first time both NA and EU teams will compete at the same regional championship.

eSportsInsider Oliver Ring has pegged three potential underdogs in upset wins:

Cyclone - This team can come out of nowhere with players like Waldemar who sometimes just turn it up a notch. He’s done it before, and I wouldn’t bet against him doing it again.

Gankstars  - I think they could perform incredibly well at the live championship. They are my real underdog that I think can step it up to the plate when it matters most.

Fnatic - As a new roster, they had a rocky start to the season and I certainly had my doubts about how they would fare over the following weeks. They’ve shown remarkable progress over the past split in particular and I think they have a very good chance of upsetting some of the historically stronger teams.

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