World Junior Ice Hockey Championships 2017: Futures + Odds

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The World Junior Ice Hockey Championships take place from Dec. 26 through Jan. 10. The tournament takes place in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Canada.

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Canada                        5/2

Canada opened at 6/1. Since the odds only came out about a week and a half ago for the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, it’s easy to see that Canada is now the big time favorite to win the title.

Canada dropped from 6/1 to 5/2 in less than two weeks. That’s a huge move. Online bookie agents should make sure that max betting limits are on the Canadians’ to win the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.

USA                    4/1

Without a doubt, once we get closer to the start of the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships on Dec. 26, the Americans figure to garner a lot of action. This is especially true since their odds are at a decent 4 to 1.

One thing to note is that since the WJIHC is being played in Canada this season, Team USA won’t have to travel too far.

USA, like Canada, has a ton of great players. Online bookie agents should consider setting schedule limit overrides a few days before the WJHC to manage betting on the Americans.

They should also set max betting limits on Team USA.

Finland               9/2

Russia                          9/2

The 2016 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships took place in Finland last year. The championship game came down to Finland versus Russia.

Although both the Americans and the Canadians look tough this year, bookmakers shouldn’t be surprised if money flows onto Finland and Russia at the 9/2 odds.

Finland beat Russia 4-3 in overtime.

An online bookie agent could see a run on either one or both teams. This is especially true if a bookmaker has clients who routinely bet on NHL.

Setting max betting limits is necessary. It’s also necessary to raise the odds on both Finland and Russia as wagers come in on both teams. 

Sweden              6/1

The Swedes were at 3 to 1 as soon as betting opened. The fact that Sweden is 6 to 1 means that underdog bettors are going to jump on the Swedes to win the WJIHC.

Pay per head agents may strategically have to set a schedule limit override on Sweden to win the World Junior Hockey Championships a day or two before the event takes place.

It all depends on how many wagers PPH agents are willing to accept on the top dog in this year’s WJIHC.

The World Hockey Junior Championships are about a week and a half away. Online bookie agents should start seeing action on the event.

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