Alabama Crimson Tide Bookie News: Offense Looks to be Enhanced

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The Alabama Crimson Tide bookie will be on guard coming into 2017 with odds of 3/1 to win the 2018 College Football National Championship.  This price has shifted between 3/1 and 4/1 over the past few months. Bookies and agents will need a solid Pay Per Head that has the ability to customize odds, provide sharp reports around the clock and offer LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING as a means of boosting profit.

Enhancing the Offense

Brian Daboll’s offense will cater to Alabama’s strengths, Chandler Rome of the Anniston Star noted. 

He talked about his need to enhance, not overhaul, the Bama offense.

"There's obviously a lot of success here that they've had in the past," the first-year offensive coordinator said. "So, it'd be foolish to just take one offense that you're accustomed to running and try to adapt it to another team. Some of the plays suit, some of the plays don't suit. So, your job is to go ahead and mix and match and really find the best results for the guys that you're working with for that particular year."

Alabama Back Field

John Crist looks at the Alabama back field.

The Alabama backfield is as formidable as any in the country, but how will new OC Brian Daboll split the carries between five talented backs?

- Don Shapiro,

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