USA Today Re-Ranking Clemson Tigers 2017 Week 1– Latest Odds

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The Clemson Tigers re-ranking by USA Today had them at number 5 just behind USC.  The Tigers odds of winning the NCAA College Football Championship game at 28/1

Oddsmakers do not have the confidence the rankers have, giving Clemson longer odds than 12 other teams.  They also have them favored to win fewer than 9.5 regular season games.

MarkRogersTV gives their Clemson 2017 preview below.

The preseason top 25 USA Today Re-Ranks features five teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference, five from the SEC and four apiece from the Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12. Also among the top 25 is Notre Dame and two teams from a Group of Five conference: No. 20 South Florida and No. 24 Boise State.

1. Ohio State 0-0

2. Alabama 0-0

3. Florida State 0-0

4. Southern California 0-0

5. Clemson 0-0

6. Wisconsin 0-0

7. Oklahoma 0-0

8. Penn State 0-0

9. Stanford 1-0

10. Michigan 0-0

11. Auburn 0-0

12. Washington 0-0

13. Oklahoma State 0-0

14. Louisville 0-0

15. TCU 0-0

16. LSU 0-0

17. Kansas State 0-0

18. Notre Dame 0-0

19. Miami (Fla.) 0-0

20. South Florida 1-0

21. Florida 0-0

22. UCLA 0-0

23. Georgia 0-0

24. Boise State 0-0

25. Virginia Tech 0-0

26. Utah 0-0

27. Western Kentucky 0-0

28. Toledo 0-0

29. Tennessee 0-0

30. Nebraska 0-0

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