The Planet of the Apes online slots game comes to us courtesy of NetEnt[1] and is based off the popular movie franchise from the late 1960's to early 1970's and is available on the BetAdrian website.


Where to Play Planet of the Apes Slots

BetAdrian is just one of the popular websites that offer the title.  They provide a 200% signup bonus for all new customers.

With the help of auditing and certification procedures, the site meets the assurance needs of the players and guarantees them fair play throughout their betting journey. Our site is committed to ensuring uncompromising fairness to all its customers.


What Makes Planet of the Apes Online Slots Special

Planet of the Apes is a video slot distributed by online casino software provider NetEnt™ in association with 20th Century Fox.  It is based on two of the films from the series, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, two of our person favorites.

The game takes the player on a journey between the two different phases of the Ape Army leader Caesar's life.  He is the leader of the apes in both the original and reboot series.  Caesar is considered an evolved chimpanzee who gets his fellow apes to rebel against abusive handlers and the police by unleashing the deadly ALZ-113 virus.

It features 5-reels, 3-rows, and 20-lines (fixed), the Rise and Dawn Free Spins, Bonus symbols, Scatter symbols, Wild substitutions, a Stacked Wild feature, a Dual feature and the Rise and Dawn Bonus features.

With its dual reels, the game combines elements from the two movies with the excitement of slot game play.

This unique gameplay solution not only makes results for every spin unpredictable and exciting, it also adds a ton of replayability.

Why Movie Themed Slot Games Are So Popular

A major draw for these casino games is their relatively easy yet rewarding gameplay. In terms of aesthetics, the majority of video slots feature outstanding graphics to complement the gameplay and to convey a theme.

The last couple of years has seen a growth in popularity of this specific kind of video slot. 

Other than their aesthetics and gameplay features, these video slots also benefit from the already popular movies that they are based on.


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