Army-Navy Under Bettors Get Hosed and No 'Incarcerated Rasheed' Didn’t Hit 6-Leg Parlay

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Nagesh Rath
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Another bad beat occurred with the only college football game this past weekend.  Someone that supposedly did not have a bad beat was one “Incarcerated Rasheed”, who supposedly hit a 6-leg parlay bet which helped bond him out of prison.


Didn’t happen!

Here’s how it went down, assuming you believed the myth that had the Twittersphere on fire over the weekend (courtesy of Whiskey Riff):

“Incarcerated Rasheed” needed $10,000 to pay his bond to get out of jail, so he decided to call up a friend on the outside, put $500 down on a 6-leg all moneyline parlay, and walked away with a cool $13,344, enough to pay the bond, get out of jail and have some cash to get back on his feet or work on his defense.

But there’s a few problems with this story.

For starters, we can just go to his TikTok, X, and Instagram account (TT/X: saetv22, IG:S.A.E_T.V22) and see that this is far from the first time he’s taken a video of himself putting down some bets.

In fact, he’s consistently given gambling advice since September 24th of this year and posted other random videos since March. That’s a far cry from a one-shot parlay to get out of a sticky situation like was implied in most of the coverage.

And there is more.  A little digging revealed his true identity and the Macon County’s Inmate Inquiry Website, which indicates that his bond was actually $75,000.  In other words, the $10,000 bond would not have helped him much….well maybe a little.

Although, I guess he could have been saving up the winnings to pay the $75,000 total and just had $10k left to go, but given the fact that he’s still in jail as of me checking that website just minutes ago, I’m calling it how I see it, a fake story meant to drive up clicks so people can get that Elon Musk engagement bonus.

Now about that bad beat on the Army-Navy game. 

From Yahoo News:

The under should have hit Saturday, but a wild sequence at the end caused a push.

The total at BetMGM for the Army-Navy game was 28 by kickoff. Under bets pushed it down to that number. It seemed for most of the game that it had no chance to get over that total. It was a typical game between the two great service academy rivals, with almost no scoring. It was 0-0 after one quarter and a 10-0 Army lead at halftime. With five minutes left, Army led 10-3. Given how the game — and most games in the rivalry — was going, getting 18 points in less than five minutes was going to take a miracle.

Even when Kalib Fortner of Army stripped the quarterback and returned a fumble 44 yards for a score, there were still just 20 points on the board and less than five minutes to go. Then Navy put together a quick scoring drive. It did miss the two-point conversion, which was a blow to over bettors. Navy still trailed 17-9.

- Nagesh Rath,

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