Batman Star Assaults Mum, Sis: Bookies Right With Box Office Receipts

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It was great news for Batman The Dark Knight, which shattered the previous opening weekend box office receipts record held by Spiderman 3.  Batman took in a whopping  $155.3 million in its opening foray, surpassing the $151.1 million made by Sony Corp.'s "Spiderman 3" when it debuted in May 2007.   The folks at had this one right.  More than $150 million had a line of -185 or 1/2 odds (the favorite).  In comparison, between $140 million and 150 million would have paid out $300 for every $100 bet. 

Not all was good news for the Batman flight, however.  On Monday it was revealed that the film's star, Christian Bale, allegedly assaulted his mum and sis.  

The London Sun reported that Bale, 34, faces questioning over the claim - made by his own mother and sister. But he was able to attend the first European screening of new Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight in London's West End. He is alleged to have lashed out on Sunday night at Park Lane's Dorchester Hotel - where he has a suite.

Detectives, well aware of last night's glittering bash, took the decision not to approach Bale yesterday. But they are expected to make attempts to quiz the Wales-born actor on Tuesday, the paper further reported.

A source said: "It was a very difficult situation but it would have been wrong to have wrecked the premiere over a complaint which we don't yet know is founded in truth.

"But Mr Bale will be contacted at the earliest opportunity and be asked to provide an account of anything that happened."

The Bale family is deeply rooted in show business, especially theatre. Bale is a distant relative of British actress Lillie Langtry, while his uncle, Rex Bale, and maternal grandfather were actors as well.

Christian Bale is one of the few actors in Hollywood whose child stardom has successfully translated to steady and respectable adult employment.


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Originally published July 21, 2008 11:30 PM EST

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