Beijing Sinobo Guoan vs. Chongqing Lifan Betting Odds - 1 September 北京中保国安vs.重庆力帆投注赔率

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Beijing Guoan (4/11) v Chongqing Lifan (7).  The draw was listed at 4/1.  Beijing GU o按 (4/11) V Chongqing l i翻 (7)


  • In their last 18 home games in Super League, Beijing Guoan have been undefeated on 15 occasions.  在国联的最近18场主场比赛中,北京国安队有15次不败
  • Beijing Guoan have achieved 15 wins in their 18 most recent home Super League games.  北京国安队在最近的18场中超联赛中取得15场胜利
  • There have been over 2.5 goals in 15 of Beijing Guoan's last 18 home Super League games.  北京国安队最近18场主场超级联赛中有15场进球超过2.5个
  • Chongqing Lifan have failed to score in all five of these recent road defeats. 重庆力帆在最近的所有五次公路失败中均未能得分。
  • Beijing Guoan have scored at least two goals in 14 of their last 18 home Super League games.  北京国安队在最近18场主场超级联赛中有14场进球至少达到2个
  • Chongqing Lifan have conceded at least 2 goals in 6 of their 8 most recent matches (Super League).  重庆力帆最近8场比赛(超级联赛)中有6场至少入球2球
  • The last five meetings have resulted in 3 or more goals. 最近五次会议达成了3个或更多目标。

- Bojing Chow, 

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