Bet the Total Laundromat Security Guards Lalo Murders in Better Call Saul

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Jordan Bach
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BetOnline has so many great prop bets for the hit series "Better Call Saul", including the total laundromat security guards Lalo murders this season.  BetOnline has that number set at 4.5 with the Over favored at -140.

"Better Call Saul" is an American crime drama and a sequel to the uber popular "Breaking Bad".  The show premiered on AMC on February 8, 2015. The sixth and final season consisting of 13 episodes premiered on April 18, 2022, and is set to conclude on August 15, 2022.

Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca is a fictional character on the series, introduced in the fourth season.

Lalo is a member of the Juárez Cartel and a nephew of drug kingpin Hector Salamanca. After Hector suffers a stroke, Lalo arrives from Mexico to help run the family drug operation in Albuquerque.

Other great prop bets appear below and can be bet on here.

What will happen to Kim Wexler?

Perishes +120

Escapes Albuquerque alive -160


If Kim Wexler is murdered, who will kill her?

Lalo Salamanca -115

Salamanca Twins +300

Gus Fring +350

Victor +600

Tyrus +850

Don Eladio +1000

Mike Ehrmantraut +1200

Any other character +200


What episode will Kim Wexler perish?

Episodes 8-10 (+150)

Episodes 11-13 (-200)


Will Kim Wexler use the vacuum guy to escape?

Yes -200

No +150


How many laundromat guards will Lalo murder?

Over 4.5

Under 4.5


Who will see Lalo Salamanca first?

Mike Ehrmantraut -140

Gus Fring +100


What will happen first to Lalo Salamanca?

Perishes +250

Enters Fring's underground lab -400


Will Gus Fring kill Lalo Salamanca?

Yes -120

No -120


What episode will Lalo Salamanca perish?

Episodes 8-10

Episodes 11-13


Will Don Eladio see Lalo Salamanca's video tape?

Yes -250

No +170


Will Nacho Varga's father be seen?

Yes +100

No -140


Who will be seen first?

Hank Schrader -200

Tuco Salamanca +150


Who will be seen first?

Jesse Pinkman -300

Walter White +200

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