Big Brother 9 Fifth Eviction: Belinda and Her Snoring Gone

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As expected, Belinda was the fifth eviction on Big Brother 9 (UK) Friday.  Belinda was the big favorite to go at Sportingbet.  Rex was the other nominee to be evicted and was listed as the huge long shot with 20/1 odds.

The 44-year-old theatre director had only joined the show two weeks ago as one of three new housemates.

Belinda, who had kept much of the house awake with her snoring, received five nominations from her fellow housemates.

Contestant Michael said she was: "The biggest nosy parker I have ever met in my entire life".

"You can't have a conversation, it's like an interrogation," Stuart added. "It's like question time with Belinda."

Big Brother is one of the most bet on television shows with millions taken in since its launch nine seasons ago. 

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Originally published July 18, 2008 9:27 pm EST

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