What Bookies Should Know About Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson II

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Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will throw down again. That’s the best news in boxing since Wilder and Fury decided to throw down the first time.

Although the fight wasn’t all that long ago, it certainly left an impression on both online bookie agents and boxing handicappers.

Check out everything agents must know about Wilder vs Tyson II.

Deontay went off the favorite in the first fight

Deontay Wilder went off the favorite in the first battle against the enigmatic Tyson Fury.

Wilder offered -160 odds right before the opening bell. Before the first round, Wilder had gone all the way down to -125 favoritism.

Will another run make Wilder the favorite in the second fight? Maybe. It depends on what happens leading up to the fight. If Wilder shows he’s ready to do a couple of things differently, he most definitely could go off the favorite.

Tyson almost got knocked out in the first fight

Fury’s the -125 favorite. Anybody who saw the first fight agrees that Fury controlled things until Deontay knocked down Fury in Round 12. At that point, it sure appeared as if Tyson might not get off the canvas.

But, amazingly, he did.

There are a couple of thoughts about the almost knockout. The first school of thought says that it was a flash knockdown and that Fury won’t let himself get caught like that in the second fight.

Those who believe in the first school of thought will jump all over Tyson at -125.

Those who believe in the second school of thought, that Wilder will get to Fury quicker the second go around than he did the first go around, will jump all over Deontay at +105.

Second School of Thought: Deeper Dive

Pay per head agents should take a moment to think deeper about the theory that Wilder will get to Fury quicker in the second fight than he did in the first. For most of the first fight, Deontay looked for the home run.

He didn’t use his jab at all, didn’t move much, and tried to simply knock out Tyson from the opening bell.

What if Deontay switches things up in the second fight? What if he decides to use his jab more? He could end up setting Tyson up for the KO.

Either way, per head agents must set up their sportsbooks for profit. The best way to do that is to use the layoff account if necessary and set max betting limits on both fighters to win.

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