Dallas Cowboys 6-1 Odds Favorite to Win the 2009 Super Bowl

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Mary Montgomery
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Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo, Terrell Owens and the gang return in hopes of bringing the Dallas Cowboys to the 2009 Super Bowl. The odds favor this happening. Sportsbook.com has given the Cowboys 6-1 odds of winning the 2009 Super Bowl. Only the New England Patriots have better odds.

That's actually some decent value according to Dan Shapiro of Gambling911.com.

"We are talking a potential $600 payout for every $100 bet on what is believed to be one of the top two teams entering this season and if we factor in that Super Bowl loser curse, Dallas may even overcome the New England Patriots."

The Patriots were listed with 7 to 2 odds, with a payout potential of $350 for every $100 bet.

Of course the Cowboys may have a curse of their own in the form of Jessica Simpson.

From Big Blue View:

Is likely the most talented team in the league. You would think that with the same core for year #3, they would be able to finally put it all together. Romo is too good to not eventually break through in the playoffs. the D is incredibly athletic. TO hasn't shown his franchise-killing attitude for over two years. Julius Jones was dead weight and they have the right guy taking a majority of the carries now in Barber.

I still think that their major mistake was hiring Wade Phillips. With a better competent head coach, they could've been in the middle of a dynasty as we speak. Much of the reason why the Yankees went on their 12-year postseason run was because Joe Torre did an outstanding job managing all the egos. I don't know if Wade is capable of doing that.

From the Bleacher Report:

With 20 starters and both coordinators back, they Cowboys felt they didn't have to make many moves during the offseason. They were the best team during the regular season and still believe they should've been in the Super Bowl.

They consider linebacker Zach Thomas, who was signed after being released by Miami, an upgrade over Akin Ayodele, who was traded to the Dolphins.

They also feel like they've improved in three other positions. They got Arkansas running back Felix Jones to replace Julius Jones (Seattle) and Texas A&M tight end Martellus Bennett to replace Anthony Fasano (Miami). They also got South Florida cornerback Mike Jenkins and ex-Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman"

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