Forbes: ECS 'CS:GO' League Went To Cancún Because Of The World Poker Tour

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The ECS 'CS:GO' League decided not to hold their championship in a big arena the end of last year but instead wanted to take a page out of the World Poker Tour trade book.

Mike Stubbs of writes.

“I used to watch a lot of poker and there was, I think it was the first series of the World Poker Tour, I had it on DVD, and they would go to all these different stops around the world,” says James Bardolph, Creative Director at FACEIT, the company that runs ECS, and respected CS:GO caster. “And I remember, at the time, they had this host, Shana Hiatt, and she would introduce the beginning of the show in a fun way. If I remember correctly, they did one in Aruba, and the intro to the show, she was on a jet ski in a bikini and it was like, ‘Welcome to the World Poker Tour in Aruba’, and I thought that that was really cool.”

“It was kind of amusing, though, because they were playing on the balcony and it was really windy, which I don't know how they managed to do it,” adds Bardolph. “But the point was it was an awesome location, and it kind of gave me the idea to do something of that ilk for Counter-Strike, because it's fun and it's something for the players to enjoy as well. So that's how the idea for Cancún came along.”

- Mary Montgomery,