Heath Ledger Oscar Odds "All Hype"?

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Heath Ledger's odds to win an Oscar next year for his portrayal of The Joker in this past weekend's box office record shattering "Batman: The Dark Knight" has drawn some interest at gambling ventures the likes of Bodog Life.

Bodog believes strongly that Ledger will at least be nominated. Whether he actually wins is a different story entirely.

They had opened odds of Heath Ledger being nominated for an Actor in a Supporting Role at Yes -500 and No +350. The "No" bet would pay out $35 for every $10 bet if he does not get a nomination. The "Yes" bet requires one to lay $50 just to win $10 (the $50 bet is also refunded if Ledger is nominated).

Will Heath Ledger win the Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar for his performance as the Joker? Yes +125, No -185. These odds are relatively even.

But Oscar odds are typically not posted until the nominations are officially announced in January. Most of the odds are determined by media observations and more so perhaps - the Golden Globe Awards that are handed out. The Oscars is one of the most bet on events of the year. It is the most bet on single day nonsporting event in fact.

But some have begun to call the discussion of Heath Ledger deserving of an Oscar "nothing but hype".

In Sunday's Observer, Jason Solomons remarks:

Ledger, for my liking, doesn't quite have the ticcy, nervy danger on screen that would have made his Joker an outstanding piece of cinematic devilment. He didn't scare me each time he arrived, the way one of his current co-stars, Gary Oldman, still does.

Over in The Telegraph, talk show host/movie critic Jonathan Ross tees off on Ledger's performance as: 'boring and gloomy'.

Come nomination time, it is doubtful Ledger will be easily forgotten. His peers stand a very good chance of nominating the well regarded actor. The 1/5 odds of this happen make a Ledger nomination a "near lock".


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Originally published July 22, 2008 10:41 pm EST

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