House of the Dragon Betting Odds: Dragons, Deaths and Thrones

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Jordan Bach
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The highly anticipated prequel to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, premiers this Sunday August 21 on HBO and our friends at BetOnline have all the latest betting odds.

These include:

Who will be seen first in Episode 1?            

Knight King                  -120

White Walker              -120


Who will be seen first in Episode 1?            

Dragon                        -175

King Viserys                 +135


Who will sit on the Iron Throne at end of Season 1?                      

Aegon Targaryen                    -125

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen +225

Prince Daemon Targaryen      +300

Otto Hightower                       +700

Alicent Hightower                   +1000

Corlys Valeryon                       +1200


Who will be Hand of the King at end of Season 1?             

Otto Hightower                       -110

Corlys Velaryon                       +150

Ser Criston Cole                      +160


Who will be first to perish during Season 1?                       

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen             -110

Prince Daemon Targaryen                  +110

Prince Aegon Targaryen                     +475


Who will perish first during Season 1?                    

Alicent Hightower       -175

Otto Hightower           +135


Which dragons will be alive at end of Season 1?                

Sheepstealer               -250

Silverwing                   -250

Sunfyre                        +250

Vaghar                         +250

Caraxes                       +500

Moonfire                     +500

Dreamfyre                   +750

Shrykos                       +750

Vermax                       +750

Vermithor                   +800

Syrax                           +1000

Arrax                           +1200

Stormcloud                 +1200

Tessarion                    +1200

Morghul                      +1600

Seasmoke                    +1600

Tyraxes                        +1600


The cast and creators of the 'Game of Thrones' prequel attended two major European launch events in recent days, one Monday night at Leicester Square and another in Amsterdam (this past Thursday).

“There are no villains or heroes in this, only grey people who do good things and bad things,” said series co-creator Ryan J. Condal on the red carpet at the London premier.

Its first season will consist of ten episodes for HBO and streaming service HBO Max.

We actually had odds a few years back on whether there would be a Game of Thrones sequel.
Will the first episode of the prequel series air in 2020?
Yes  3/2
No  1/2

Will the Knight King be featured in the first episode of the prequel series?
Yes  1/2
No  3/2

Will a modern item be left on set during the first season of the prequel series?
Yes  4/1
No  1/6

Will HBO air a spinoff series featuring Arya Stark by 2021?
Yes  2/1
No  1/3
Will HBO air a spinoff series featuring Jon Snow by 2021?
Yes  2/1
No  1/3

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