Is PrizePicks Legal in California?

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Dan Shapiro
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PrizePicks is legal in the state of California.  It is a good website for those looking to get acquainted with real money online sports betting sites.  If you would like to place real money bets on sports, take the next step.  Our friends at BetOnline offer betting on all sports events with a welcome bonus of 50% up to $1000.  No social security number required.  Note that PrizePicks does not offer traditional Super Bowl prop bets (see Jazz Sports for those)

The PrizePicks site concept involves single player fantasy lineups.  Instead of working within salary caps like traditional daily fantasy sports providers, users create entries consisting of two or more player stat predictions. The more props you pick correctly, the more money you win. .  You can pick over or under on player props to win up to 10X your cash!

It's a relatively easy concept.


An example would be a four-player selection on Stephen Curry scoring Over 21.5 points, Connor McDavid scoring Over 0.5 goals, Jordan Poole having Over 1.5 steals and Jayson Tatum scoring Under 25.5 points. All four of these must occur for the selection to pay out as a winner.

The difference between it and Daily Fantasy Sports is that you are not playing against your peers but rather PrizePicks itself.  It’s not true sports betting as there is no bookmaker involved.   They set the lines..

And the difference between it and actual real money sports betting sites, in particular the offshores, is that betting is available on single player performance.  It is not necessary to bet multiple players to perform Over or Under a set number.  The payouts tend to be significant with the real money sports wagering sites as well.  BetOnline offers a massive slate of player props.

Kentucky Derby Odds Available BetOnline (Not Available PrizePicks)

1     Hit Show     30-1
2     Verifying     15-1
3     Two Phil's     12-1
4     Confidence Game     20-1
5     Tapit Trice     5-1
6     Kingsbarns     12-1
7     Reincarnate     50-1
8     Mage     15-1
9     Skinner     20-1
10     Practical Move     10-1
11     Disarm     30-1
12     Jace's Road     15-1
13     Sun Thunder     50-1
14     Angel of Empire     8-1
15     Forte     3-1
16     Raise Cain     50-1
17     Derma Sotogake     10-1
18     Rocket Can     30-1
19     Lord Miles     30-1
20     Continuar     50-1


2023 MLB World Series:
LA Dodgers 8-1
San Diego Padres 10-1
San Francisco Giants  50-1

2023 NBA Championship:
Golden State Warriors 8-1

LA Clippers 10-1

2023 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Championship:

UCLA (2)         +750
Saint Mary's (5) +5000
San Diego State (5) +4000
USC (10)         +15000
UC Santa Barbara (14)         +100000

2024 College Football Championship:
USC Trojans 33-1
UCLA Bruins 50-1
Place Your Future Bets Here

Place Your Future Bets Here

- Dan Shapiro,

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Is PrizePicks Legal in NY?

Is PrizePicks Legal in NY?

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