Natural8 Poker Ambassador kitty kuo Wants New Boyfriend: "Only Need to See 5 Times a Year" and "No Franch"

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Nagesh Rath
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At the conclusion of this year's World Series of Poker we learned that Asia's largest online poker room, Natural8, ambassador Kitty Kuo was publicly seeking a new boyfriend....but her busy schedule might not allow for it.  Not to mention she's a little picky.


The requirements:

And since that time, she disclosed her "requirements".

"I don’t have any strange rule I am simple, when the feeling come, I will know But I do have serious range."

And here is that range:

1. No Asian

2. No UK

3. No Italian

4. No Russian

5. No Franch This is not joking, it need to fit the range

Note that "Franch" is her spelling, not ours.

Married poker pro Shaun Deeb seemed to take that as a sign she might be willing to date him.

"So you’re saying you want a fat lazy American prob being married good touch easier to stay long distance at times."

Kuo will be playing a lot of poker this month, so no time for any boyfriends in August it appears.

"Play so much @natural8 Online poker always make me happy, why is that ? Bc I don’t need to talk or social ! Fly to Barcelona on Aug 10 Here we go! EPT Barcelona Aug 11-21 Cyprus 8/27-9/4."

Spanish men and those in Cyprus, you might be in luck!

- Nagesh Rath,