MGM Springfield Taken For $30k By Brazen Cheat

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Ace King
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The MGM hotel and casino in Springfield, Massachusetts is suing an individual for allegedly engaging in one of the oldest cheats in the books.

Daniel Ruiz is accused of past posting, or late betting.   This is where a player places their bet (or increases it) after betting closes on a game or event.

From PokerTube:

This can be slipping extra chips onto the stack of your winning bet at roulette or – as in the movie The Sting – getting your bet in after the post horn has been sounded in a horse race. The latter is where the name past posting originates.

Jon Pill of PokerTube notes that the $30k taken was won over the course of a year, “suggesting patience and consistency which is admirable, even though it suggests his moral compass might need re-magnetising.”

- Ace King,

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