Michael Jordan Puts Gambling Suspension Rumors to Rest

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Jagajeet Chiba
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At the end of his 1992-1993 season, at age 31, Jordan said goodbye to the Chicago Bulls and the NBA in general.  Many speculated throughout the years that Jordan was actually suspended for gambling.

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In reality, the wildly popular "Last Dance" documentary revealed that Jordan was exhausted and heartbroken amid the death of his father. He left the NBA to play baseball for a year in a half with the minor leagues. 

He would eventually return to the NBA, gathering three more championships. 

From Yahoo Sports:

As many know, the theory goes like this: Jordan enjoys gambling, to the point that it prompts then-NBA commissioner Stern to investigate him for any violations of the NBA rulebook. Seeking to avoid embarrassment, Stern suspends Jordan for 18 months, but allows him to keep the suspension a secret and play baseball instead.

Asking Jordan about the theory led to a firm denial.

“I didn’t retire because the league kicked me out or they suspended me for a year and a half. That is not true. There’s no truth to that,” Jordan said. “I needed a break. My father just passed. And I retired. And I retired with the notion that I wasn’t going to come back.”

Online Gambling Threat Gets Worse

At the start of 2020 the top brass at some of the world’s biggest gambling operators were looking at the UK market with some anxiety. After decades of extraordinary growth, calls for reform of the 2005 Gambling Act have reached fever pitch. Fears about an epidemic of problem gambling have been stoked by the media, and meanwhile regular stories of gambling firms being hit with massive fines by the industry watchdog, the Gambling Commission, are a sign of the turbulent climate that behemoths like GVC, Betfair Paddy Power and 888 are currently operating in. 

And all this was before Covid 19 hit. 

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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