Mike Matusow Wants to do a Podcast Where He Smokes Pot and Takes Phone Calls

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Nagesh Rath
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Mike "The Mouth" Matusow declared that he would like to do a podcast where he takes calls and smokes marijuana.  Pot is legal where he resides in Nevada.


Matusow even posted a poll asking what his followers thought.

Hardly anyone thought he should NOT do it while better than half thought he SHOULD.  Close to 40% voted that "Mike, You're an Idiot".  1,194 votes were cast.

The Mouth just created a Q&A on Reddit entitled "Ask Me Anything", which we are pretty confident is going to be a trainwreck

"Mike your a hero! Which actor would play you in a movie about your life? (What a movie that would be, we need to make it happen)?"

"Hey Mike, for many years you insulted online players and said we all suck and dont know what we are talking about. You simply are wrong.I watched you for entertainment play on wsop dotcom for the bracelete events and see some of the worst playing ever. You truly are terrible.Youur game is stuck in the early days of poker when everybody sucked.The game has passed you by. You literally play every tournament the same.You apply no pressure whenyou are the big stack,you never 3bet light in position,you never put pressure on your opponent and you always fold.Every tourney you play you cry about folding every hand for 2 hours.Hey dude theres a thing called bluffing. DO IT! You constantly blindout ofevery mtt you enter its a travesty to watch. So yeah, open a book and actually study or you will continue to be a poker loser surviving onyour soft cashgames you get in because you are who you are.You literally sit around and wait for the nuts. Then you get some rich businessman to bulffoff to you.You can only beat someone with a quarter of a brain,You stand no shot to ever beat any competant cardplayer. So enjoy the freeride while you got it and live in denial and never EVER win a tourney in your lifeMikey. Harsh but true and im sure others will agree. Take my advice you need to. Respect those who are better than you dude. STUDY!"

"What's up Mike, Just how good is the Vegas lifestyle?  What was your "I've made it" moment?  What's the wildest Vegas party you've been to?"

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com