Mini Me Sex Tape: Will It Ever Be Released?

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Jordan Bach
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Actor Verne Troyer, who played Mini Me in the Austin Powers film series, has dropped his suit against a celebrity sex tape broker and an adult film distributor over the weekend.  Essentially, the settlement stipulates that the highly publicized Mini Me Sex Tape cannot be released without the consent of Mr. Troyer.

The video reportedly shows Mini Me engaging in various sex acts with an ex-girl friend.  Troyer is only 2 ft. 8 in and considered a dwarf.

McPherson said Troyer wanted the video to remain private and would never agree to a sale. Blatt has said that Shrider approached him to sell the video, but that he declined because Troyer did not consent.

Mini-Me star Verne Troyer is finding it difficult "not to strangle" his ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider after she released the tape, he told E! News in an interview.

 "I feel betrayed and hurt by Ranae's actions. I feel like I have no privacy, because people are seeing something that was meant to be between me and her. That's the biggest reason that I'm trying to stop the tape from being released.

"For the past two or three weeks I have been spending a lot of money to fight this. I have my lawyer and he's doing a great job.

"She is still in the house, which makes it even harder not to strangle her. I saw her when I left today and she was calling me names and stuff - so I can't get away from it."

Mini Me's "mini me" is said not to be so "mini" according to those who have watched the scandalous tape. 

So what are the odds that Mini Me's sex tape will eventually be released before the year is out? says 1/3 (-300) it will be.

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