Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul Fight Odds - Boxing, MMA Differ Greatly

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Don Shapiro
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UFC President Dana White is telling Nate Diaz to go fight....just not with the least not when it comes to a bout against Youtuber Jake Paul. 

Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul Fight Odds

BetOnline released odds on a potential Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul fight opened back in June with the following numbers:

Nate Diaz -250

Jake Paul +170

Following a few Twitter barbs between the two, Diaz asked the UFC to release him so that he can enter into a sanctioned boxing match with Paul, the later of which has proven to be a significant draw to both viewers and sports gamblers.

White responded by suggesting Diaz should go fight Paul in the boxing ring, though it was unclear at the time if that means he'd want Diaz to leave the UFC.

This week, Paul signed with the Professional Fighters League, signaling the transition of his combat career into mixed martial arts.

Paul stated that he would like to take on Nate Diaz in the boxing ring first, and then six months later fight Diaz MMA style in the octagon.

BetOnline on January 5, 2023 created odds for both potential bouts. As expected, each fighter is favored in their more experienced discipline.

MMA Fight Odds                     

Nate Diaz          -1000

Jake Paul          +550                 

Boxing Fight Odds                    

Jake Paul          -300    

Nate Diaz          +240         

Double Match Outcome           

Diaz Wins MMA Loses Box                     -250

Diaz Wins Both MMA and Boxing           +250

Paul Wins Both Boxing and MMA           +800

Paul Wins MMA Loses Boxing                +2000

- Don Shapiro,

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