Players Breeding Their Own Horses to Compete in Metaverse

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Aaron Goldstein
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Metarace bills itself as offering the first Metaverse competitive game, in the form of horse racing, that is now live on the metarace gaming platform.  It also features a ‘ play-to-earn ‘ feature.

MetaRace is built on the blockchain to simulate real-life racing experiences and deliver horse racing into a futuristic virtual reality.

The way it works is that players will compete with each other to win and earn coins as well as upgrading the mechanics of their horse.  They can also opt to sit on the sidelines and place a horse racing wager.


Making History

This is far from fantasy.

On June 13, 2022, the MetaRace team made history with their community horse (also called MetaRace!) by becoming the first to be fractionalized into NFTs and race competitively.  His first event took place at the Royal Windsor Races.

MetaRace is being trained at the prestigious Whatcombe Stables by renowned trainer and dapp ambassador Oliver Cole.

MetaRace, the dapp, is built on the pioneering Caduceus Metaverse Protocol blockchain, which brings together the world’s oldest sport with the virtual world.  Caduceus is an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform focused specifically on the metaverse.

For a chance at percentage ownership of a horse, individuals need to hold MetaRace NFTs and/or tokens.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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