Poker Pro Salman Behbehani Remains in Jail After Large Stash of Party Drugs Found on Private Jet

Written by:
Nagesh Rath
Published on:

A high stakes poker player sits in an Ibiza prison after arriving on the notorious Spanish party island with illicit drugs, according to authorities. 

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San Diego-based Salman Behbehani was arrested early morning Friday July 23.  The 33-year-old's identity was initially withheld by law enforcement.  He had arrived in Ibiza via private jet and was allegedly in possession of ten different types of "party" drugs. 


The Italian-American player reportedly had the following drugs on his private jet:

315g cocaine

705g hashish

80g crystal methamphetamine



Magic Mushrooms



Crystal methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug typically used during gay sex.  It is often described as "chemsex".  It can be smoked or injected into one's arm.

It is interesting to note that, in Spain, personal possession and consumption of small amounts of drugs are not a criminal offence.  This drug stash was far from a "small amount" however.  The  line between "personal" and "dealing" is a very thin one as well.

Behbehani has won just shy of $3.4 million on the live poker circuit.

- Nagesh Rath,