World Series Odds Shift With Recent Signings

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(Panama City) - The dominoes continue to fall in the MLB free agency frenzy, and the acquisitions have had a direct impact on the 2023 World Series odds.


Aaron Judge remained with the Yankees, but Jacob deGrom, Justin Verlander, Trae Turner and Xander Boegarts will all be donning new uniforms in 2023.

But the team that hasn't made any major moves, the defending world champion Astros, remain the favorite, according to SportsBetting.ag.

Below are the key championship changes from one month ago to today. Additionally, updated "next team" odds for Carlos Correa and Dansby Swanson are also included.

- Mets 12-1 to 14-1 (following deGrom exit) to 9-1 (following Verlander)

- Padres 14-1 to 10-1

- Phillies 14-1 to 10-1

- Rangers 50-1 to 25-1

Carolos Correa Next Team       

Giants              -110

Twins               +125

Cubs                 +550

Red Sox            +1200               

Dansby Swanson Next Team                

Cubs                 -150

Twins               +600

Dodgers            +700

Yankees            +900

Cardinals          +1000

Giants              +1000

Mariners          +1000

Red Sox            +1000

Orioles             +1200                 

World Series                

Houston Astros                         +600

Los Angeles Dodgers                 +650

New York Mets                         +900

Atlanta Braves                          +1000

New York Yankees                     +1000

Philadelphia Phillies                  +1000

San Diego Padres                      +1000

Seattle Mariners                       +1600

Toronto Blue Jays                      +1600

San Francisco Giants                 +2000

St. Louis Cardinals                     +2200

Chicago White Sox                    +2500

Tampa Bay Rays                        +2500

Texas Rangers                           +2500

Cleveland Guardians                 +3300

Milwaukee Brewers                  +3300

Boston Red Sox                         +4000

Los Angeles Angels                    +4000

Baltimore Orioles                      +5000

Chicago Cubs                            +5000

Minnesota Twins                       +6600

Detroit Tigers                            +8000

Miami Marlins                          +8000

Arizona Diamondbacks              +10000

Cincinnati Reds                         +10000

Kansas City Royals                     +10000

Colorado Rockies                      +12500

Oakland Athletics                      +15000

Pittsburgh Pirates                     +15000

Washington Nationals               +15000

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