You Can Bet on Where Aliens Will Attack First, Which Celebrity Abducted First

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Last Tuesday, experts specializing in extraterrestrial research provided testimony before the Mexican Congress.


The proceedings began with an out-of-this-world presentation. Jaime Maussan, a self-proclaimed ufologist, entered the congressional chambers with a pair of caskets, which were soon uncovered to reveal two non-human bodies.

While these wild "discoveries" appear to have been debunked, the alien talk doesn't go away. Seemingly every month or so there is a new story about a government official speaking out or classified documents staying sealed

Now, you can bet on where aliens will attack, which celebrity they'll abduct first and who will win the eventual "Aliens vs. Humans" war. There are even odds for what color the first known alien will be!

Additionally, in case you missed it, football season has started! The same betting outfit has created odds for which artist will perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Miley Cyrus was the favorite for the first month these odds were available, but now The Killers have surpassed her. Does someone in Vegas know something? Maybe...probably...nah.

Along with Cyrus and The Killers, Harry Styles, T-Swift and Drake have received a decent amount of action, according to You can see the full list with 20 names below.


Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show


The Killers                     2/1

Miley Cyrus                   3/1

Harry Styles                  8/1

Drake                           10/1

Justin Bieber                 10/1

AC/DC                          12/1

Billie Eilish                    12/1

Britney Spears              12/1

Dua Lipa                       12/1

Ed Sheeran                   12/1

Kylie Minogue               12/1

Lizzo                             12/1

Metallica                      12/1

Red Hot Chili Peppers    12/1

Selena Gomez               12/1

Ariana Grande              14/1

Led Zeppelin                 16/1

Mariah Carey                16/1

Morgan Wallen             16/1

Taylor Swift                  16/1

Kanye West                  20/1


Who will win Aliens vs. Humans war?              

Humans                        1/4

Aliens                           3/1


What color will be first confirmed alien?                      

Unknown to the human eye                  5/2

Green               4/1

Yellow              5/1

Black                6/1

Blue                 6/1

Purple              6/1

Red                  8/1

White               8/1


Who will be abducted by aliens first?               

Donald Trump               20/1

Joe Biden                      22/1

Gigi Hadid                     25/1

Kate Perry                    25/1

Keanu Reeves               25/1

Kim Jong-Un                 25/1

Miley Cyrus                   25/1

Taylor Swift                  25/1

Tiger Woods                 25/1

Xi Jinping                      25/1

Dwayne Johnson           33/1

Jeff Bezos                     33/1

Oprah Winfrey              33/1

Ron DeSantis                33/1

Elon Musk                    40/1

Mark Zuckerberg           40/1

Robert Downey Jr         40/1

Tom Cruise                   40/1

A. Ocasio-Cortez           50/1

Dylan Mulvaney                        50/1

Jeff Goldblum               50/1

Justin Bieber                 50/1

Marjorie Taylor Green   50/1

Richard Branson            50/1

Sam Bankman-Fried      50/1

Kanye West                  50/1

Megan Thee Stallion     69/1

Baby Gronk                   100/1

Barack Obama              100/1

Ben Afleck                    100/1

Bill Clinton                    100/1

Clay Travis                    100/1

David Duchovny            100/1

Demi Lovato                 100/1

Drake                           100/1

Floyd Mayweather        100/1

Gillian Anderson           100/1

Harry & Meghan           100/1

Justin Trudeau              100/1

Lana Rohades               100/1

LeBron James                100/1

Mia Khalifa                   100/1

Mia Malkova                 100/1

Michelle Obama            100/1

Mike Tyson                   100/1

Neil deGrasse Tyson      100/1

Nick Jonas                     100/1

Riley Reid                     100/1

Sigourney Weaver         100/1

Tim Cook                      100/1

Tyson Fury                    100/1

Vitalik Buterin               100/1

Amber Heard                150/1

Johnny Depp                 150/1

Satoshi Nakamoto         150/1

JLo                               200/1

Elvis Pressley                250/1


Which country will be invaded first by aliens?              

Russia                           12/1

USA                              12/1

North Korea                  14/1

Thailand                       14/1

China                            16/1

Colombia                      16/1

France                          16/1

Germany                      20/1

Mexico                         20/1

UK                                20/1

Canada                         25/1

India                             25/1

Iran                              25/1

South Korea                  25/1

Argentina                     33/1

Cuba                            33/1

Egypt                            33/1

Indonesia                     33/1

Pakistan                       33/1

Sudan                           33/1

Vietnam                       33/1

Australia                       40/1

Japan                           40/1

Kazakhstan                   40/1

New Zealand                 40/1

Turkmenistan               40/1

Ireland                         50/1

Italy                              50/1

Brazil                            66/1

Sweden                        66/1

- BetOnline Press

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