No You Can't Bet on Taylor Swift's Sexuality, Pregnancy Yes

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Jordan Bach
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The fairy tale romance involving recording artist extraordinaire Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has taken the public by storm.  Online websites like BetUS now offer Swift-Kelce engagement props and plenty more bet options tied to the couple


What they won't be offering any time soon are prop bets whereby Time's "Person of the Year" for 2023 is found cheating on her beau, not with another man or another woman.

Rumors of Swift's sexuality originated from none other than the New York Times, as opposed to that paper's more tabloidesque news cousins the New York Post or Daily News.

And her team is fuming.

“There seems to be no boundary some journalists won’t cross when writing about Taylor, regardless of how invasive, untrue, and inappropriate it is – all under the protective veil of an ‘opinion piece,’” a source told CNN Business Saturday.

“Because of her massive success, in this moment there is a Taylor-shaped hole in people’s ethics,” they added.

The Times compiled what it said is a lengthy list of "evidence" tying Swift to the LGBT+ community.

From the New York Post Page Six:

Anna Marks suggests Swift “dropped hairpins,” a slang term for letting others know you are queer, by dying her hair the colors of the bisexual flag in her music video “You Need To Calm Down,” for instance.

“In isolation, a single dropped hairpin is perhaps meaningless or accidental, but considered together, they’re the unfurling of a ballerina bun after a long performance,” the author writes.

“Those dropped hairpins began to appear in Ms. Swift’s artistry long before queer identity was undeniably marketable to mainstream America. They suggest to queer people that she is one of us.”

BetUS's Taylor Swift associated prop bets for now are just limited to her relationship with Kelce, including whether the couple welcome a new member to their potential soon-to-be family.  These prop bets can be found below and in the Novelty section of the BetUS website. Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Specials. Wagers posted after public announcement will be void. Must be at least 18 to bet.


Will Taylor Swift Perform The National Anthem At A Kansas City Chiefs Game In 2023/24 Season?     MoneyLine
Yes         +200
No         -300

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Mon, Jan 15, 2024 EST
Will Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Still Be A Couple For 2024 Valentine's Day?    
Yes         -1000
No         +550

Will Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Appear Together In A Commercial Or Advertisement Before Or During LVIII Super Bowl?    
Yes         +150
No         -200

Will Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Still Be A Couple For NFL 2024/25 Week 1?    
Yes         -120
No         -120

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Announcement By NFL 2024/25 Week 1    
Engagement By NFL 2024/25 Week 1         -300
Pregnancy By NFL 2024/25 Week 1         +200

Taylor Swift In Crowd At Super Bowl 2024 If Chiefs There?    
Yes         -350
No         +225

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