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The National Anthem is by far among the most popular of the prop bets offered during any Super Bowl.  While there are offerings on such things as color of the singer's outfit and who will be shown first during the rendition, the main prop involves length of the National Anthem.  And with this, perhaps the single most important strategy is to review past performances from the individual who will be singing the Anthem.  For Super Bowl 2024 that would be the great Reba McEntire.


This Year's Prop Over/Under

BetOnline has the length of this year's National Anthem set at 86.5 Over/Under, but that number is likely to shift a bit as we approach the big game.

YouTube is Your Friend

Unlike, say, the coin toss bet, some skill can be put into wagering on the National Anthem length.

Begin by watching past YouTube videos of McEntire, being sure to subtract any non-performance time.  For example, one video we found clocks in at 1:28 minutes, but the final 10 seconds is applause.  Be sure to clock in up to the final note, not necessarily the final second of the video itself.  This one comes in at the OVER 86.5.

This next video kicks off at the 15 second mark and concludes at the 1.37/38 mark of 1.44.

In other words, you'll be subtracting 21 seconds from the full video to get us 1.23. That gives us an UNDER on the BetOnline number.

How it Happened

"I got the news from my manager," McEntire revealed to Gayle King on CBS Mornings when asked how one gets selected to perform.

"He said they wanted me to sing the National Anthem and I said 'Oh my gosh, well let me think about that", and my boyfriend, who is a huge football fan said 'yes, she'll do it!  Absolutely so!"

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