Betting Odds on the Miami Mall Alien?

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An incident at a Miami mall on New Year's Day has alien conspiracists going wild.


In response to a handful of teenagers causing a ruckus, more than 60 police cars and emergency vehicles showed up at the two-story Bayside Marketplace mall in the heart of Miami on the evening of January 1.

Panic ensued and arrests were made, but the real fireworks began after several videos and pictures posted on social media appeared to show an alien creature walking around the mall.

These images, along with questions about the massive mobilization of police vehicles, power going out for 61,000 homes in the area, public police scanners being turned off and overhead fly zones being shut down, got everyone wondering about an alien coverup.

While the Miami Dade Police Department has said the figures were nothing more than shadows, one betting website is offering all kinds of odds on the "Miami Alien." is asking its customers to wager on how tall or what sex the alien is. People can also bet on which celebrity will be with the alien when captured.

What the alien is wearing and where it will be captured are other options for the degenerate gambler.


Height of Miami alien

Over 8'7"

Under 8'7"


Sex of Miami alien                   

Non-Binary       1/2

Male                5/2

Female             3/1


What team jersey will Miami alien be wearing when captured?           

Heat                 3/1

Lakers              4/1

Dolphins           5/1

Inter Miami      6/1

Cowboys           20/1

Bulls                 33/1

Dodgers            50/1

Yankees            100/1


Where will Miami alien be captured?               

The Mall                       2/1

A Nightclub                   5/2

Heat game                    9/1

The movies                   10/1

The beach                     12/1

Dolphins game              14/1


Who will be with Miami alien when captured?             

Michael Jackson            7/1

Elon Musk                    8/1

Jimmy Butler                9/1

Jennifer Lopez               12/1

Tupac                           12/1

Will Smith                     12/1

Lionel Messi                  14/1

Tyreek Hill                    14/1

The Rock                      20/1

Marco Rubio                 25/1

Pitbull                          33/1

Tua Tagovailoa              33/1

Shaq                             50/1

Gloria Estefan               66/1

Antonio Brown             75/1

Enrique Iglesias             75/1

Alex Rodriguez              100/1

DJ Khaled                      100/1

Oscar Issac                    100/1

Pharrell Williams           100/1

Ricky Martin                 100/1

Shakira                         100/1

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