Can I Bet the Kentucky Derby on the Fanduel App From Tennessee?

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Mary Montgomery
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You can bet this year's Kentucky Derby from Tennessee using the FanDuel app without having to open a separate account.  Just keep in mind that the FanDuel app in Tennessee is required to withhold 10 percent of your winnings, plus you will pay a tax on top of this.  If you win $200, you'll actually end up with $180, then subtract the tax from that.  BetOnline offers an excellent alternativeBetOnline will NOT hold that 10 percent.  In fact, BetOnline gives you 9 percent in daily rebates. 18 and up are welcome.


FanDuel is Required to Report Your Winnings

There is some good news in that Tennessee does not have a state tax. On top of the 10 percent FanDuel automatically withholds, you will also be required to pay 25% in federal taxes.

2023 Kentucky Derby Odds

1     Hit Show     30-1
2     Verifying     15-1
3     Two Phil's     12-1
4     Confidence Game     20-1
5     Tapit Trice     5-1
6     Kingsbarns     12-1
7     Reincarnate     50-1
8     Mage     15-1
9     Skinner     20-1
10     Practical Move     10-1
11     Disarm     30-1
12     Jace's Road     15-1
13     Sun Thunder     50-1
14     Angel of Empire     8-1
15     Forte     3-1
16     Raise Cain     50-1
17     Derma Sotogake     10-1
18     Rocket Can     30-1
19     Lord Miles     30-1
20     Continuar     50-1

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Any Tracks I Can Bet The Kentucky Derby From in Tennessee?

The only thing close to horse racing in Tennessee is the Iroquois Steeplechase, which is a full day of racing at Percy Warner Park in Nashville, TN.  TwinSpires is one of few sites that offers betting on the Iroquois Steeplechase. 

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