Still Can't Bet the Damn Super Bowl From Kansas City....Oh Yes You Can

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Don Shapiro
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Okay your Chiefs are back in the Super Bowl again this year but there are no regulated sportsbook in the state of Missouri.  Great news, there are still options available.  BetOnline is one of the top five largest online sportsbooks in the world today and, because they are licensed outside the US, BetOnline still is accessible to those in the Show Me State.  In fact, they've been taking bets from Missouri residents since 1999.  We were actually in their office the first week of operating way back when.


What You Need to Know

Internationally licensed online sportsbooks are different from their US-based counterparts in that they allow those 18 and up to bet.  Most US states require individuals to be at least 21.

Some of the bigger differentials is that BetOnline is browser-based as opposed to offering an app. 

There are some limits when it comes to payment methods.  All are fast (BetOnline now accepts most major credit cards).  If you know anything about Bitcoin, this is your method without question as payouts can often be within hours....even on Sundays they process payouts using Bitcoin.

As far as taxes go, BetOnline will not report your winnings.  No worrying about any discrepancies when you file your taxes.

There is also an anonymity factor that makes the website more appealing.

BetOnline also can offer entertainment props their US-based gambling sites cannot (including all things political).  Yes, you can be the length of the National Anthem and 89 unique Taylor Swift prop bet options.

In addition to the Super Bowl, you get a live dealer casino, eSports wagering, betting on even the most obscure soccer match and/or sports, Little League World Series betting, the Summer Olympics, FIFA World Cup....and the 2024 Presidential election.

So Many Great Prop Bets  



San Francisco 49ers       -1.5

Kansas City Chiefs         +1.5

Over/Under:                 47.5

Moneyline: 49ers -125, Chiefs +105





Length of National Anthem - Reba McEntire

Over/Under 86.5 seconds


Will team call coin toss correctly?

Yes                   -105    

No                    -105    


Will team that wins coin toss win game?

Yes                   -105    

No                    -105    


Coin Toss Outcome                                          

Heads               -101                

Tails                 -101                


Color of liquid poured on winning coach                                              

Purple                          +200                

Blue                             +275                

Yellow/Green/Lime       +400                

Orange                         +450                

Red/Pink                      +450                

Clear/Water                  +1000              


Position of player(s) to pour liquid on winning coach                                        

Offensive                      -110                

Defensive                     +150                

Both                             +450                            


Super Bowl MVP                                  

Patrick Mahomes          5/4                   (+125)

Brock Purdy                  5/2                   (+250)

Christian McCaffrey       9/2                   (+450)

Travis Kelce                  10/1                

Field (Any Other Player) 16/1                

Deebo Samuel              20/1                

Isaiah Pacheco              25/1                

Brandon Aiyuk              50/1                

Rashee Rice                  50/1                

George Kittle                66/1                

Nick Bosa                      66/1                

Chris Jones                   75/1                

Fred Warner                 100/1              

George Karlaftis            100/1              

L'jarius Sneed               150/1              

Willie Gay                     150/1              

Chase Young                 200/1              

Dre Greenlaw               200/1              

M. Valdez-Scantling       200/1              

Mike Edwards               200/1              

Harrison Butker            300/1              

Jake Moody                  300/1              

Javon Hargrave             300/1              

Justin Watson               300/1              

Kadarius Toney             500/1              





Chiefs Total Touchdowns

Over/Under 2.5


49ers Total Touchdowns

Over/Under 2.5


Chiefs Total Made Field Goals

Over/Under 1.5


49ers Total Made Field Goals

Over/Under 1.5


Either Team to Score Three Straight Times (3 in a row without other team scoring)

Yes       -200

No        +150


Time of First Score

Over/Under 7 minutes


Team to Score First

Chiefs   -103

49ers    -127


Team to Score Last

Chiefs   -107

49ers    -122


First Team to 10 Points

Chiefs   +100

49ers    -129


First Team to 15 Points

Chiefs   +102

49ers    -132


First Team to 20 Points

Chiefs   +104

49ers    -134


Highest Scoring Half

First      -112

Second -118


Will there be a safety?

Yes       +900

No        -2500


Largest Lead

Over/Under 16.5 points


Will 49ers score on first offensive possession?

No        -200

Yes       +150


Will Chiefs score on first offensive possession?

No        -185

Yes       +140


Will a defensive or special teams TD be scored?

Yes       +200

No        -275


Longest Touchdown

Over/Under 39.5 yards


Shortest Touchdown

Over/Under 1.5 yards


Longest Made Field Goal

Over/Under 46.5 yards


Will either team score 40 or more points?

Yes       +530

No        -1000


Will both teams score at least 20 points?

Yes       -120

No        -110


Will both teams score at least 25 points?

Yes       +315

No        -480


Will first score be a touchdown?

Yes       -170

No        +120


Will team that scores first win?

Yes       -200

No        +150


Will team that scores last win?

Yes       -230

No        +170


Will total points scored be odd or even?

Odd      -130

Even     +100


Will there be a scoreless quarter?

Yes       +280

No        -420


Total First Downs

Over/Under 39.5


Which team will record the most first downs?

49ers    -150

Chiefs   +115


Will there be overtime?

Yes       +950

No        -3340


Result of First Possession

Punt                             -125

Field Goal Attempt        +345

Offensive Touchdown   +350

Any Other Result           +750


Which team will enter red zone first?                                       

San Francisco 49ers                   -120                

Kansas City Chiefs                     -110                


First Score of Game                                         

San Francisco 49ers Touchdown            +180                

Kansas City Chiefs Touchdown               +190                

Kansas City Chiefs Field Goal                  +375                

San Francisco 49ers Field Goal               +385                

Kansas City Chiefs Safety                       +5000              

San Francisco 49ers Safety                     +5000              


Will both teams score in the first quarter?                                           

No                    -180                

Yes                   +150                


Will there be a made field goal in the first quarter?                                          

Yes                   -120                

No                    -110                


Will there be a touchdown in the first quarter?                                    

Yes                   -250                

No                    +195    


Will there be point scored in every quarter?                                        

No                    +350                

Yes                   -500                


Will there be a successful 2-point conversion?                                     

No                    -425                

Yes                   +325                


First Quarter Margin of Victory                                    

Tie                                                        +275                

San Francisco 49ers by 7 or More           +280                

Kansas City Chiefs br 7 or More             +333                

San Francisco 49ers by 1 to 6 Pts           +400                

Kansas City Chiefs by 1 to 6 Pts              +425                


Chiefs First Half Total Points

Over/Under 23.5


49ers First Half Total Points

Over/Under 23.5

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- Don Shapiro,

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