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The Cleveland Browns were ranked No. 10 on Sagarin.  Pretty impressive for a team that has gone through all kinds of diversity throughout the season, mostly at the quarterback position.


December 23

The Browns have a huge incentive to win here as they could potentially clinch a playoff spot this week with a win against the Houston Texans.  They were listed as a -2.5 to -3 point favorite in Houston.  That number we have pretty much was on the money as we get 1.57.  The line at times had been hitting the -2 and even the -1.5.

Sportsbook operators and Pay Per Head bookies were monitoring this one closely throughout the week as the line continues shifting dramatically.  Here we have a situation where the Texans are dealing with injuries. DE Will Anderson (ankle) and QB CJ Stroud (concussion) are potentially both out for this one (each are listed as questionable).

The key missing piece will be CJ Stroud, who is still dealing with concussion symptoms that have sidelined him since late in a Week 14 loss to the New York Jets.

Prior to the news about Stroud, the Browns were listed as a +2.5 dog.  But the Sagarin Ratings do not reflect any of these injuries and they still suggested Cleveland should be favored even after the Texans home field advantage was factored in.

Add on the Browns added motivation in this one.

Cleveland Browns playoff clinching scenarios - Week 16

    CLE win + DEN loss/tie + IND loss/tie + BUF loss + MIA win/tie
    CLE win + PIT loss/tie + DEN loss/tie + IND win + JAX loss
    CLE win + PIT loss/tie + DEN loss/tie + MIA win/tie + BUF loss
    CLE win + PIT loss/tie + DEN loss/tie + MIA win/tie + IND loss
    CLE win + PIT loss/tie + DEN loss/tie + MIA win/tie + JAX loss
    CLE win + PIT loss + BUF loss + MIA win/tie + IND win + JAX loss
    CLE win + PIT loss + BUF loss + KC win + IND win + JAX loss
    CLE win + PIT tie + BUF loss + IND win + JAX loss

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