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Don Shapiro
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With all the hundreds of prop bets you'll be seeing online this Super Bowl, ever wonder what it would be like to actually run a sportsbook this time of year?  All you need is a handful of players, preferably those who have lots of their own friends, then set up your Super Bowl sportsbook.


Here is What You Will Need

PricePerPlayer charges a fee of as little as $5 per player per week (or even less).  Once you enter into the contract, you'll receive full access to all back end features including reports, line movements and adjustments, as well as a customized website for your clients to log into.

"Using our PPH services will make your gambling operation on par with the biggest name in the sportsbook business," PricePerPlayer claims.  "Writing bets on paper and taking calls from players is a thing of the past with our top of the line betting software and experienced sports betting team to support you!"

Once up and running, you're players will have access to hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets.  This is something the old school bookie simply could not offer back in the day.  Today's Pay Per Head software allows for it.

You have a tremendous benefit in credit can be extended in many cases (though these companies now offer other payment options).  There is an anonymity factor as well.  Even those states that regulate sports betting impose some restrictions.  For example, most states prohibit Super Bowl novelty wagers such as the length of the national anthem.

Types of Super Bowl Bets Available

Super Bowl Prop Bets – Prop bets add spice to Super Bowl wagering.  For some sportsbook operators, the Super Bowl ensures a profit for multiple months out of the year.  The reality is that it is especially difficult for gamblers to realize wins with all their prop selections. Likewise, having a large variety of prop bets can easily triple and quadruple the number of wagers from your players. For the Super Bowl, the more prop bets you have the better.  PricePerPlayer will ensure a bookie or agent's players have access to hundreds of prop bets, including novelty options, to increase their profits. 

Super Bowl Live Betting – In today’s world of sports betting, Live betting is a necessary part of any bookmaking operation. These hundreds of add-on gambling options leads to an increase in revenue as customers have the opportunity to bet on the big game as it is taking place. If you still do not have live betting available, now is the time to get it.

Super Bowl Promotions and Bonuses – The competition for gamblers is fierce and bookies are going all out to get their business. Therefore, make sure to offer bonuses and promotions that can compete with the big boys. Just make sure to not offer more then you can handle. Having a Super Bowl Square contest is always an easy way to do that.  It is easy to find bonus and promotional deals offered by the top U.S. regulated sportsbooks. 

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