2008 Miss Universe Betting Odds (Updated Sunday Afternoon)

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C Costigan
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The 2008 Miss Universe betting odds were still fluctuating a bit as we inched closer to the live event Sunday evening. Gambling911.com has reviewed betting odds from four different online gambling sites - all of which were offering deposit bonuses (dependent on amount of deposit).

Miss Venezuela remained the favorite - mostly 5/1 but still paid the best odds at  SBG Global where a $1 bet would pay out $6.25 Sunday afternoon.

Miss Puerto Rico had the second shortest odds, paying $8 for every $1 bet at  Bookmaker.com

Miss Mexico also had 8 to 1 (+800) odds at Bookmaker.com, having moved into the single digits following some impressive preliminaries.

Miss Panama and Miss USA were essentially tied with 9/1 or +900 odds of becoming the 2008 Miss Universe winner. Bookmaker.com offered the 9/1 odds whereas many of the other online gambling sites were featuring Miss USA at 8/1 odds.  BetOnline.com had Miss Panama at +1000 or 10/1 with the promise of a $10 payout on every $1 bet.

Miss Columbia averaged 10/1 or +1000 odds just about everywhere.

Miss Belgium suddenly catapulted into 10/1 odds territory at Bookmaker.com but still paid 15 to 1 (+1500) odds at  BetOnline.com

Miss Czech Republic had odds of 11 to 1 at SBG Global

Miss India at +1500 odds. These were made longer after Miss India had gotten some action and the odds were initially shortened at  Bookmaker.com

Miss Ireland pays 20 to 1 odds at  Sportsbook.com whereby she is being offered at 14/1 odds elsewhere.

Miss Dominican Republic was selected the most beautiful by Gambling911.com's own Jenny Woo and she came in with odds of 18 to 1 at Sportsbook.com

Miss Greece had odds of 20 to 1 at BetOnline.com.

The following odds were available courtesy of Bookmaker.com

31363 MISS KOSOVO +2000 - -

31364 MISS NORWAY +2000 - -

31365 MISS SOUTH AFRICA +1800 - -

31366 MISS AUSTRALIA +2200 - -

31367 MISS COSTA RICA +2400 - -

31368 MISS KAZAKHSTAN +2500 - -

31369 MISS UKRAINE +2200 - -

31370 MISS ALBANIA +2500

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