This is America’s Favorite “Batman” Actor, According to Twitter Study

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C Costigan
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In a semi-scientific study connected with geotagged Twitter data, America has named its favorite actor to play Batman in the silver screen annals.  

Leading up to this week’s release of “The Batman,” gaming website tracked state-by-state tweets over the last 30 days, analyzing direct keyword phrases about who is the "best" or most popular live-action Batman.

For example, phrases such as "Michael Keaton is the best Batman," "Christina Bale was the greatest Batman," "The only Batman was Val Kilmer," etc. were compiled from in each state. Those results were tallied up per state to assign the favorite from each state.

In total, nearly 200,000 tweets were tracked.

The results for the best Batman were close, with the “OG Batman,” Michael Keaton edging out Christian Bale by four states.

State Breakdown

Michael Keaton: 25 states

Christian Bale: 21 states

Ben Affleck: 4 states

George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Adam West and some of the other smaller live-action versions did not win any states.

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