Big Brother Favorites Darnell, Kathreya, Michael Still Pay 3/1 Odds

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There are no big Big Brother favorites as we start the month of August unlike in past years when one contestant may have stood out more than the others. The prospect of a 3/1 odds payout for one of the following: Darnell, Kathreya or Michael - the later of which would pay €350 for every €100 bet - surely has many punters drawn to the show despite a ratings decline and the possibility that Big Brother will be scratched from the television schedule next year. In fact, Australia has already cancelled its Big Brother series.

Darnell - theoretically the favorite with +333 odds at

 - is an interesting chap to be sure. Darnell Swallow was jailed in - of all places - North Dakota for drug dealing. He was also jailed just two years ago for violating his probation from a previous conviction.

The Ipswich-born albino was raised in St Louis, Missouri and was living in North Dakota in 2004 when he was arrested, This Is London first reported in June.

After police raided his home and found a stash of marijuana ready for selling, he was convicted of drug dealing and sentenced to 120 hours of community service, the Daily Star reported.

Darnell was among the housemates punished for discussing nominations this past week.

Kathreya Kasisopa almost found herself evicted after breaking house rules just a few weeks ago. While watching the 'Hanging Around' task - in which Dale Howard was the victor after hanging on a tyre dressed as a gorilla for more than eight hours - Kathreya and Mohamed stole bananas intended for their fellow housemates.

The pair were initially told by Big Brother to pack their suitcases, with an eviction seemingly imminent, but the light-fingered duo were permitted to stay.

Michael (or Mikey as he is called by some) works as a radio producer for a blind radio station called 'Radio Insight' and in 2007 was part of a team that won a Sony Radio Academy Award. He is legally blind.

The following odds were courtesy of

Darnell +333 Bet

Kathreya +350 Bet

Michael +350 Bet

Rex +550 Bet

Dale +1000 Bet

Stuart +1200 Bet

Rachel +1200 Bet

Lisa +2500 Bet

Sara +2500 Bet

Nicole +2500 Bet

Mohamed +8000 Bet


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