Latest P. Diddy Betting Odds: Another Model Sues Claiming He Drugged, Sexually Assaulted Her

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Jordan Bach
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A number of betting markets were up and running related to rap mogul and producer P. Diddy (real name Sean Combs) in the wake of a series of lawsuits filed by three other women claiming sexual harassment and assault. 


A fourth lawsuit was obtained by PEOPLE filed by Crystal McKinney, who claims the Bad Boy CEO told her she "was going to make it big one day" as a model before allegedly drugging and assaulting her.

In the lawsuit, McKinney claims that after meeting with Combs and the unnamed designer at Cipriani Downtown, that she “felt little control over the events as she was directed what to do and put on display, for the others in attendance.”

In the lawsuit, McKinney described Combs as “flirtatious” during the course of the evening and alleges that he “plied Plaintiff with alcohol throughout the dinner as he repeatedly refilled her glass with wine.”

The suit further claims that she was offered weed abd "later came to understand that Combs had laced the joint with a narcotic or other intoxicating substance."

The suit comes just days after CNN obtained the video of a violent altercation between Diddy and his then girlfriend Casandra “Cassie” Ventura in a Los Angeles hotel in 2016.  The video shows Diddy punching and kicking Ventura.

A betting market asking if Combs would flee the U.S. by Monday night has since closed.


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Will P. Diddy (Sean “Puffy” Combs) spend a minimum of one night, in a jail facility, in 2024?
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What will P. Diddy (Sean “Puffy” Combs) be convicted of?
Will anyone undergo any procedures in an "attempt" to prove P. Diddy (Sean “Puffy” Combs) shot them in the face?
44% says Yes
Any more raids conducted against P. Diddy (Sean “Puffy” Combs) during 2024?
58% say Yes
Will P Diddy be found guilty of a crime by EOY 2026?
81% say Yes

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