Luke Marsden Latest Big Brother Casualty: 8 Others Faced Axe

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Jordan Bach
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Luke Marsden - the 1/3 favorite to be evicted from the Big Brother household this week - has left the building. Luke was one of eight contestants facing eviction.

Luke and Dale Howe were originally nominated for eviction, but a further six housemates faced the vote as punishment for rule-breaking.

They had been discussing the nominations in code, which was a breach of Big Brother's rules.

bet365 was quick to update the latest Big Brother odds to win outright following Luke's eviction with a three way lock at the top between Darnell, Kathreya and Michael.

Darnell +333 Bet

Kathreya +350 Bet

Michael +350 Bet

Rex +550 Bet

Dale +1000 Bet

Stuart +1200 Bet

Rachel +1200 Bet

Lisa +2500 Bet

Sara +2500 Bet

Nicole +2500 Bet

Mohamed +8000 Bet


Jordan Bach,

Originally published August 1, 2008 9:41 pm EST

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